Choosing the Right Porch Posts for Your Home


If you are building or remodeling your home, you might need to select porch posts. If you’re thinking “I didn’t know I had options!” you’re not alone. Most people don’t think a lot about the style of their porch posts or columns, but there is a wide selection of vinyl porch posts and columns available to you. And if you’re planning a covered porch, make sure you are looking at structural vinyl posts, which have metal reinforcement channels so they can bear the weight of a roof.

First, why choose vinyl at all? Vinyl has some definite benefits in that it doesn’t require painting or upkeep and is easy to clean and maintain. Wood is, of course, standard material for historic homes and can be less costly than vinyl but needs regular maintenance to keep it looking good. Composite is a hybrid option that can require priming and painting but doesn’t deteriorate the way wood does. No matter which option you choose, make sure you can take on the work it requires.

If you do choose vinyl, take some time to learn about the various style options. Some people are happy to go with whatever their builder recommends, while others have strong opinions about their favorites. No matter which vinyl post you choose, the low-maintenance benefits remain the same. And since vinyl posts and railing last for a long time, it’s good to choose something that you love.

Design elements to think about:

1.Your home’s aesthetic. Do you have a traditional style home, a cape cod, a rancher, or a two-story with a front porch? If so, the classic look of turned wood is an excellent option. This look echoes the wood looks of the past and harmonizes well with most styles. Some examples from Superior’s line of vinyl porch posts include the Madison or the Lexus. For Victorian style homes with more elaborate design, Superior’s Heritage, Kinzer, or Traditional post are your best bet.

For a Victorian home, this Heritage post paired with our corner accent is a perfect fit.

Modern or contemporary homes can also use the turned-wood look posts, especially simple ones like the Madison, but the clean look of the Plain or Manchester posts lends itself well to this style, too.

If you’re doing a remodel, think about what you like and don’t like about your existing posts. Do you want to replace them with a very similar look, or try something new?

2. Your railing. Will you be pairing vinyl railing with your posts? The balusters and posts should complement each other. In Superior’s offerings, the Madison, Lexus, Kinzer or Traditional porch posts all have matching railing balusters for a seamless look.


Madison porch posts with coordinating Madison railing balusters.

Superiors Model balusters are a simple square for anyone who prefers a contemporary style. Model balusters pair with almost any porch posts, but of course go especially well with Plain and Manchester.

Plain porch posts with Model balusters give this home’s porch and balcony a clean, fresh look.

If porch posts don’t work because of your porch’s size or style, vinyl columns can be paired with vinyl railing so you can enjoy the same benefits you’d get from posts. Vinyl columns come in tapered, straight, or square styles, or even an elegant looking recessed-panel option, like Superior’s Savannah.

Once you’ve had a chance to think about what you’re looking for, ask your builder for their opinion and look at the options. Then make your selection and sit back and enjoy your new, beautiful porch for years to come.

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