8 Ideas to Add Character to Your Porch


Your porch rail is installed, your floor and ceiling are complete, and your porch is finished but empty.

Now for some decision making. It’s time to furnish and accessorize your porch!

First, look at your house. Decide what kind of look you’re going for and what fits best with your home’s style. Do you want a traditional front porch feeling? Try rocking chairs or a swing. Adirondack chairs or wicker couches are classics for a reason, and a bench by the door provides additional seating and a good place for your guests to remove their shoes. Wood, metal, and glass are excellent choices for contemporary porch furniture.

When you’re thinking about furniture, don’t forget to evaluate what you want to do on your porch. If you hope to eat or play games, make sure you designate a seating area with table and chairs. And if your porch is very sunny in the afternoon or evening, consider hanging curtains that you can pull back until you need shade.

Once the furniture is in place, you can begin to accessorize. This is where your imagination can run wild. A traditional porch looks amazing when you add hanging baskets of flowers or lush green ferns. Planters on the porch steps or at the porch entrance are ideal for any style. Use pillows or cushions on your chairs or your swing to bring color to your space.

Some ideas for traditional or farmhouse-style front porches:

  • Wooden barrels turned upside-down as tables
  • Galvanized buckets as planters
  • Porch swings hung with rope
  • Thrifted chests of drawers, painted and distressed

Some ideas for modern or contemporary front porches:

  • Aluminum tables with glass tops
  • Square stone wooden planters
  • Wooden or wicker furniture with sleek cushions
  • Long narrow planter with river stones and tall grasses

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