4 Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space for Fall


Traditionally, with fall approaching, most people are thinking about moving indoors. But if you've spent money on a beautiful outdoor living space, you probably want to spend time out there for as long as possible. Here are 4 ways to enhance your space for fall. 

Fall means that darkness comes earlier every evening. If you want to be out on your deck, you’re going to need lighting. That might mean post caps and accent lights for your railing. It could also mean outdoor lamps, floodlights, and lanterns. Are you sitting at a table? On a lounge chair? Do you need bright light for reading or just soft lighting so you can see where you’re going? Think about how you will be using your deck in the evening.


Autumn evenings, and even autumn days, can get chilly! To keep your family warm, lightweight space blankets make a good outdoor option, since you don’t need to worry about them getting dirty or wet. Electric blankets are another way to warm up (take them inside at the end of the night!). Outdoor space heaters can also help to keep your deck livable on cold evenings. And don’t forget a deck fire pit for s’mores!

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While light and heat make your deck livable, the décor you choose can make it a pleasant place to spend time even on a cool, cloudy day. As September rolls into October, start thinking about how you can change things to keep your deck looking beautiful. If you’d normally empty out your planters or let your flowers die with the first frost, consider replacing your summer flowers with hardy mums or something that can withstand the cold longer. If you don’t have planters, consider adding some. Or at least place some pumpkins and fall décor around the deck.  Adding new pillows or a new blanket can refresh your outdoor furniture. And if your furniture is old or isn’t functional for the way you use your deck, take advantage of end-of-summer specials to get new furniture to help create a space to relax.

 If you’ve been thinking about building or expanding a deck, you can still do so in the fall or winter (depending on your climate)! More and more deck builders are expanding their offerings to include covered porches, sunrooms, and 3 Season rooms. Call your local contractor to find out what their timelines are. Even if you won’t get much use out of it this year, you’ll be ready to move outside on the first mild spring day of 2023! 

If you are planning a new build or extension of your existing deck, be sure to read our post 4 Things to Consider When Planning Your Deck Project.

With a little bit of planning ahead, your family will be ready to enjoy warm and cozy times on the deck this fall.

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