3 Style Choices When Selecting Vinyl Railing

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You may not realize it, but you do have vinyl railing choices! Standard white vinyl is classic, but there are shapes, styles, and colors that you can choose to create a distinctive railing for yourself and your home. Here are three style choices to consider when selecting a vinyl railing. 

1) Choose the  shape of your railing. (When we say railing, we mean the profile of the top rail. We’ll get to the infill later). Superior Plastic Products, for example, has five different rail choices, but most manufacturers offer at least a few different profiles. 

There are a couple of questions you can ask yourself to help narrow down the options.

  • Do you want your railing to be sleek and minimalist? Fluted and stylish? In Superior's line, the  1000 Series is a simple t-top, while the 3000 Series has a larger and more decorative profile. Or do you want your railing to have a drink rail on top?  A deckboard top railing (like our 400 Series) is popular because it serves as a natural place to rest a drink—kind of like a mini countertop.

400 Series top viewWhite 400 Series drink rail with black aluminum balusters

  • What kind of railing profile works best with your home’s style? For small spaces, choose a slimmer railing. For large installations, a prominent railing (like Superior's 5000 Series) is a better choice. Medium-sized railings are classics that work almost anywhere.
1000 Series SPPRAIBALTRAD_12

The simple t-top of the 1000 Series railing, paired with more traditional posts and balusters

2) Choose your color. You are not limited to white! Think about the colors that would blend best with your home or your general surroundings.

Black, almond, or clay are distinctive choices that’ll make your railing stand out. One of those three colors might also be a more natural match for your home, depending on your architectural color choices.

black vinyl-1Superior's 3000 Series comes in black!

3) Choose your balusters or infill. (Infill is the general name for the spindles or posts that go between the top and bottom rail.) While the different rail profiles aren’t noticeable until you’re standing near the deck, infill is visible from a much greater distance and gives the railing its character.

Options for infill include:

  • Classic vinyl balusters that look like turned wood (in several styles)
  • Square or round balusters in vinyl or aluminum. Mixing dark balusters with white railing is currently a popular look. 

Each baluster brings its own style, so once you’ve chosen a railing, make sure to check which infill is available and think about the statement you want to make. Modern? Bold? Traditional?  

summer superior2Almond railing with black aluminum balusters

Once you've chose your railing profile, infill, and color, you'll be able to sit back and enjoy a deck railing that you created and that truly fits your aesthetic. 


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