3 Reasons Why Your Deck Railing Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

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It’s an exciting thing to build or remodel a deck! Together with your contractor, you are creating a beautiful outdoor living space for friends and family to connect or simply a relaxing place to take a breath, unwind, and enjoy the fresh air after a busy day.

With all the customization available, adding outdoor living to your home can be a fun (and occasionally exhausting) process. From the initial planning phases to the product selection to the building and finally to the finished product, there are many choices to make.

One choice most people don’t often think about at length is their deck railing.

They might have an opinion on color or material, but do they take the time to compare different styles of railing? Or ask their contractors for additional options?

Here are three reasons why we think railing is one of the most important deck decisions you’ll make.

1. Everyone sees it first.

Of course you are thinking about your decking material: brown, beige, gray? Composite? Wood? But in reality no one sees your decking until they are almost standing on it. Railing, on the other hand, is there for everyone to see even if they never set foot on your deck. The railing choice you make is a prominent design choice, and your railing reflects your style in a way that decking never could. Are you a traditionalist? Do you like modern or industrial looks? Do you want unobstructed views?

2. It’s going to be around forever.

Railing materials like vinyl, composite, and aluminum are designed to last for decades. You or future owners are more likely to remove your railings for a remodel than because they require replacement. If you dislike the look of a bracket, a double corner post, or something else, investigate your options. It’s one thing to live with something you don’t like for a year or two and it’s another to spend every night for years wishing you’d just spent a little more time or money to get what you truly wanted.

3. You can really customize it.

While there are many types and colors of composite decking, most of them have the same shape and style. Railing, on the other hand, has many more customization options than you might realize. Baluster choices alone could fill several look books. Color choice is another way to add customization. While white vinyl is standard, clay or almond might be a better match to your deck or home colors. Black can be classic or modern depending on what you pair it with.

If you’re planning a deck remodel, explore the various styles and colors of railing and ask your contractor what options he or she offers and to show you the benefits of each. If you are working with an experienced deck contractor, they will be well-versed in a variety of systems and can explain cost savings versus style and quality. Lumber yard sales staff can also be helpful in showing you the various types and styles of railing and the benefits of each. It’s important to understand what distinguishes one system from another so you’re not making your decision solely on price or looks.

With a little bit of time and research, the railing you choose will be railing you and your family can enjoy for years.

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