3 (Less-Obvious) Ways to Use Vinyl Fencing

woodtone-home-slider_sm5.pngHomeowners choose fences for lots of practical reasons.Privacy. Security. Safety for children or containment for pets. And of course everyone knows the benefits of vinyl: low-maintenance, long-lasting, and attractive.

However, not everyone requires privacy or has to worry about pets or children. But that doesn’t mean that your property couldn’t benefit from a vinyl fence! Here are three ways you can use vinyl fencing to your advantage.

Accentuate Your Property

Vinyl fencing can be used to accentuate features of your property or simply add charm. Many people use picket fencing to mark the corners of their lawn; this fencing provides the perfect backdrop for flowers or plants. You can also use vinyl picket fencing to section off one part of your yard from another. If you have a large front yard, consider a low picket fence to mark off some square footage around the front door to create two separate spaces. That saves on the cost of fencing an entire large yard and opens the wider front yard to activity while creating a private feel in the fenced space near your home.

Another option is to use privacy fence panels in groups of one, two, or three to shelter a space. Privacy fence panels can act as a screen around a ground-level outdoor area, so you can enjoy your space in peace. Additionally, vinyl fence panels provide a tasteful way to hide equipment like your outdoor A/C unit or pool filters and heaters.

Increase Your Home’s Value

As stated above, a fence adds a level of attractiveness to your property, and that makes buyers take notice. While you might not require a fence, you don’t know who will wish to buy your property when you sell it or what their lifestyle requirements will be. A low-maintenance vinyl fence neatly finishes a yard and appeals to future buyers.

Clearly Mark Boundaries

Neighbors encroaching on your space? Dog walkers allowing their pets to use your property as a toilet? Even if it’s just a short line of simple pickets, a fence provides a subconscious barrier. Most people will not cross a fence line, and their minds will register the boundary. Dogs will no longer be able to access your grass. Consider a fence to mark your property line and make it clear where your space begins.

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